A large selection and choice with our 0900 products.

Learn more about the best solutions for payment methods, services and sales.

  • You choose the number and tariff price
  • If your service will be answered by a live agent or automated voice system
  • We can route calls to your support services at a specific office or location 
  • Enhance your service with our attractive 020 numbers


3 ways for your customers to pay you

  • Price per call. The maximum tariff is 200 kr per call
  • Price per minute. Call charging starts after 10 seconds
  • Flexible tariff calls. During the call the customer’s choices add up to a final chage which they approve before the purchase. This is only for post paid mobile and fixed line customers.
  • We can also offer SMS delivery with your information, offer and a click-to-call premium rate number.


Keep track of services and sales

Our administrative portal, available after ”Customer Login”, gives you access to information such as your agreements, income per number and brand, customer demographics, payment flow and more. It’s very easy to use and can be customized quickly and easily to suit your needs.

Your customers can safely and securely use premium rate calls

  • Price information is played at the start of the call
  • The first 10 seconds of the call is free and the customer will not be charged if they called the number mistakenly or change their mind and hang up
  • Maximum charge amounts gives your customers control over their spending
  • We perform a manual ”traffic management analysis” over all call traffic each day to increase security

Why can premium rate calls increase your sales?

  • Not all customers have, or can have, a credit card or can be invoiced due to credit risk
  • We can offer premium rate calling to all prepaid mobile customers except Telia and Telenor.
  • Many customers will want to use alternative payment methods based on invoice due date or when their salary will be paid
  • Premium rate numbers are easy to include in an SMS, mobile app or email for Click-to-Call

Number as a brand 

Many years of experience in the marketing of our own, and our customer’s premium rate numbers differentiate us from our competitors. We can work as an on demand or ongoing brand advisor for your premium rate number in print, guerilla marketing, broadcast media, mobile sites, mobile apps or desktop


Network of service providers

We have the top honours when it comes to access to the markets best producers of mobile apps, web design and invoicing companies all of whom we can highly recommend due to their track record of delivering hundreds of high quality services

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